You’ve made the decision to finally put down the mascara
and get yourself some INSTANT PRETTY, here’s how you get started.

Half Set

. . .
A great place to start if you don’t wear mascara on a daily basis but want a little bit of PRETTY to open up the eye and pull your look together. 35 to 50 lashes evenly spread across the lash line from the corner of the nose to the outside of the eyelid.

Full Set

. . .
For all the honey’s looking for INSTANT PRETTY, every adult hair receives an eyelash extension. The look is elegant and seamless, we don’t do “trashy” so don’t fear that it’s going to be too much. We are one of the few studio’s left that does not Lash Count, we apply an extension to every adult lash regardless of the amount needed.

Keeping it Cute

(Relash Schedule)

. . .
Within 3 Weeks

Within 4 Weeks
… here’s why it is more money, honey. At 4 weeks, the hair has almost gone through an entire growth cycle. There will very little remaining of the extensions from the previous appointment and most of what is left will likely be a hot mess.

Within 5 Weeks
Forget it, it’s definitely a hot mess at this point so let’s start again. However! A returning full set is $100 not $150. You could have gone somewhere else but you came back to see us, good decisions should be rewarded so you save $50.

Contact us for more details about the “Spread the Love” incentive.


. . .

Please arrive 15 minutes early and arrive with clean eyes.

Don’t use a mechanical eyelash curler the day of your appointment. If you wear contacts, please bring solution and a case. Allow for 45 minutes to 2 hours for the first procedure. Flirt will provide you with more after care information as well as offer lash extension products that will help to take care of your lashes on the day of your appointment.

Please note there is a charge for missed appointments without 24 hour advance notice. It is important to be on-time for your appointment to ensure you are getting enough attention to your Flirt Custom Lash Studio look.



. . .

Will the Lash Extensions Ruin My Natural Lashes?

No, Flirt Custom Lash Studio uses an adhesive not a glue, that has been developed with the highest standards of safety and quality. All Xtreme Lashes Stylists are credentialed lash professionals who have completed a comprehensive hands-on training program. The extensions are applied 1 mm away from the lash base to ensure there is no pinching. As the natural lash sheds the extensions sheds with it.

What Does Relash Mean?

A relash is done every few weeks to make sure you maintain the look Flirt Custom Lash Studio has created for you. A relash usually takes less than an hour, Flirt applies new extensions to the newest lashes to replace those that have shed.

What’s the Difference Between a Certified Lash Stylist and Others?

Almost every spa or salon offers lash extensions, you can find them everywhere. The first thing you will notice is the difference in cost, this should be the first indication that you are dealing with a lash professional. Those that are not certified by Xtreme Lashes are using products that could be unsafe and cause long term damage to the eyelash and/or the eye itself. Xtreme Lashes certified stylists only use Xtreme Lashes adhesives and extensions that are approved and safe to use. When making an appointment for lash extensions always ask to see the stylists certification, most will not be able to produce one. If that’s the case DO NOT make an appointment, it could lead to an unpleasant experience.
Stay safe…..stay gorge!

What if I Don’t Want the Lash Extensions Anymore?

There are 2 options, the first is you can wait for the extensions to shed with the growth cycle of the natural lash or you can make an appointment to have Flirt remove them for you with a safe lash adhesive remover.

What if I’m Going to a Special Event and Need a More Dramatic Look?

That’s no problem, just tell Flirt Custom Lash Studio that you would like a more dramatic look and we will apply a different type of lash. When you return for your relash a few weeks later we will return to your regular relash program.

Do Lash Extensions Hurt?

No, the application process is painless and most clients use the time to nap.

Tips & Tricks from a Certified Expert

Shhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you but…

If you’re an eyeliner junkie like most of us are, then by now you’ve found out you can’t use liquid liner EEEEEEKKKK ! Don’t panic, take an angle brush and dip it in water. Use a dark eyeshadow with the wet angle brush to create an awesome liquid liner look.

When you get out of the shower all shiny and clean, use your blow dryer . . .
hold it away from your face (you don’t want to melt your lashes !) and gently blow your lashes dry – about 15 seconds.
Comb them through and fluff them up, BAM ! You’re gorgeous again.

Don’t keep your dry mascara wands in the bottom of your purse (you know who you are!), the debris will end up in your lash extensions and then what are you going to do?

The great debate : should I use a lash serum or get extensions ? Here’s the truth honey . . . lash serums are never going to give you the instant glamour that extensions do. But, lash serums and lash extensions in fact are friends – no really it’s true. Using a lash serum encourages the growth of adult hair making more lashes to put extensions on.
It’s a win win!